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Members of the CPCH received RGC Grants

Commencing Jan 2020

GRF: Remaking Chinese Families: Narratives and Practices of Adoptive Families in Hong Kong (Jan 2020, PI: Dr CHAN, Kit Wa Anita)

GRF: Hong Kong Art Deco: Theatre Buildings and the Rise of Modern Cinema in Transforming the City’s Socio-cultural Landscape
(Jan 2020, PI: Dr LAU, Leung Kwok Prudence)


Commencing Jan 2018

ECS: Watching Mainland Chinese Television Dramas in Hong Kong: Youth, Identities and Transcultural Consumption (Jan 2018, PI: Dr ZHOU, Lulu)

GRF: Disappearing Voices: An Oral History of Leftist Film Workers during Cold War Hong Kong (Jan 2018, PI: Dr HUI, Kwok Wai)


2 members of the Centre received RGC research grants for 2016/17:

Dr CLAPP, Jeffrey Michael

Whitman on the Grid: Surveillance, Democracy and the Autobiographical Moment in Contemporary American Literature

Dr KANG, Jong Hyuk David

Introducing White-Collar Women to Hong Kong: A Case Study of Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce’s Secretarial Training



3 members of the Centre received RGC research grants for 2015/16:

Dr BANERJEE, Bidisha

“Traces of the Real”: The Absent Presence of Photography in Postcolonial and Diasporic Literature

Prof YU, Kwan Wai Eric

Engaging Everyday Modernity: Hong Kong Poetry in the 1970s

Dr RIDGE, Emily Anna Maria

Houses of Friction: Late Modernism, the English Novel, and the Problem of Literary Hospitality