Dialogue with the Director and Screenwriter of “Mad World”

Dialogue with the Director and Screenwriter of “Mad World”

Date: Apr 11, 2017 (Tues)
Time: 7 – 8.30pm
Venue: D2-LP-10, Tai Po Campus, The Education University of Hong Kong

Guests: Director Wong Chun
Screenwriter Florence Chan
Moderator: Nicholas Wong (LCS)

“To avoid, or to confront? To deny, or to embrace? To give up, or to make a change?”

The film begins with an old man who has long been absent as a father (Eric TSANG), picking up his son (Shawn YUE), who is suffering from bipolar disorder, from a mental hospital. Both men are in deep remorse for the accident that caused the death of the mother (Elaine JIN). The tension and anxiety boil as they stay with each other in a tiny subdivided flat. As time passes, they realize the pain between one another is not the only confrontation that awaits them; but also to face the cruel and unjust world that they are living in.

Langauge: Cantonese, with simultaneous interpretation in English

ALL are welcome! No registration required.

Enquires: Manni Cheung (CPCH) at cheungml@eduhk.hk or 2948-7360

《一念無明》― 與導演及編劇對話

曰期:四月十一日 (星期二)



嘉賓 : 黃進 導演 陳楚珩 編劇

主持 : 黃裕邦(文學及文化學系)



阿東(余文樂 飾)患有躁鬱症,因父親離家不顧,獨力照顧飽受病患折磨的母親 (金燕玲 飾)。母子二人情緒互相牽引激化,猶如漫長的困獸鬥。一天,阿東如常替失禁的母親沖洗,拉扯間發生意外,導致母親死亡。阿東的父親大海(曾志偉 飾)驚覺一直逃避的問題發酵成了悲劇。獨居多年的他在愧疚和孤獨驅使下,應醫院建議,接阿東到自己的板間房暫住


查詢:張先生(流行文化與人文學研究中心) cheungml@eduhk.hk 或 2948-7360


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