Screening & Discussion – listen angels singing

Screening & Discussion – listen angels singing

Venue: C-LP-02

Date: 18th October 2017 (Mon)

Time: 19:00 – 21:30


(Screening) Mandarin, with Chinese and English subtitles;

(Discussion) Cantonese, supplemented with English

director: wu shumei | camera and editing: wu shumei, chen kwenyuan | producer:財團法人福榮融合教育推廣基金會(a foundation promoting inclusive education in taiwan) | mandarin ( with chinese and english subtitles) | 2011 | taiwan | 50 min | colour


does “special educational needs” really reduce difference, promote integration, or is it just labeling? perhaps even to the point of singling out those labelled as a minority?

indeed, what is education?

in taiwan, a group of students in an “inclusive education class” form a choir to join the annual school music competition. each student has their own uniqueness, just like notes in music.

when different notes are put together, what would their melody sound like? are their daily interactions and mutual aid in fact their conductor batons? the result of the competition is not the main point, their daily interactions make the essence.

there is an angel inside every child’s heart, can you see them?










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