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Thanatic Ethics Webinar Series – Talk 2

‘Invisible Bodies: Refugees, Undocumented Migrants and  Asylum Seekers in Canadian Literature’

Date: 20 November 2020 (Friday)

Speaker: Srilata Ravi (University of Alberta)




Film Salon: Cheang Pou-Soi’s Horror Series | 電影沙龍:鄭保瑞的恐怖系列

This semester’s film salon organized by the Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities features films by Macau Director Cheang Pou-Soi(鄭保瑞). We will show Cheang’s film every Tuesday night at D3-LP-07 for four weeks, starting from 8/10 (Tue), and we will have post-screening discussion with Director on 05/11 (Please click here for registration) .  Please refer to the following for details:

本學期由流行文化與人文學研究中心所舉辦的電影沙龍將圍繞澳門導演鄭保瑞。由 10月 8 日起一連四個星期二,我們將於 D3-LP-07 演講廳放映鄭導演的四套作品,並於11月5日設有導演影後座談會 (按此報名)。片單和詳情如下:

1. New Blood (2002), duration: 90 mins

Date: 15 Oct 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Venue: D3-LP-07

Language: (film) Cantonese with English subtitles.; (post-screening discussion) Bilingual – Chinese & English


1. 《熱血青年》(2002),片長 90 分鐘




語言:(電影)粵語,附英語字幕; (映後討論)中英雙語


Synopsis (Trailer)

A young couple engage in a suicide pact, and slit their wrists together. However, only the woman, who is already suffering from cancer, dies. Three donors give her lover a life-saving blood transfusion. Each of the three has a rare blood type, and each has his, or her, own secrets. The trio become a target for the girl’s vengeful spirit. Before matters are set right, the three victims will have been forced to donate far more than their blood.

電影提要 (預告片)

三名擁有特殊血型的青年:軍裝警員阿樂(周英杰飾),葉詩敏(周麗淇飾)與建築師阿力(周子駒飾)素未謀面,卻突然感應到對方的存在, 感到極度不安。三人曾經各自捐血,巧合地被用作拯救一對自殺戀人,結果反令情侶陰陽相隔。不甘獨赴黃泉的女子邱燕屏(梁敏儀飾),憑著體內特殊血型的感召,逐步接近這三名「多管閒事」的熱血青年,逐一報恩…..


2. Home Sweet Home (2005), duration: 99 mins

Date: 22 Oct 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Venue: D3-LP-07

Language: (film) Cantonese with English subtitles.; (post-screening discussion) Bilingual – Chinese & English


2. 《怪物(2005),片長 99分鐘




語言:(電影)粵語,附英語字幕; (映後討論)中英雙語


Synopsis (Trailer)
A family moves to a new flat on a big building. They get to know the building was erected over a burnt slum, when lots of poor people died in a non accidental fire set by the constructors. Soon their only child, a boy, is kidnapped by what seems to be a strange humanoid creature lurking in secret through the ventilation and trash pipes that connect everywhere around. As the father is heavily wounded by the creature and goes to hospital, the mother undertakes the investigation the police should do. But what she will discover will put herself in conflict with her own beliefs as a mother.

電影提要 (預告片)

青年建築師Ray(方中信 飾)帶妻子May(舒淇 飾)及5歲兒子子路(譚竣浩 飾)搬進新家的翌日傍晚就有怪事發生。May帶著子路在天臺 花園玩耍時,看到子路被強大力量離奇扯出天臺,墜樓失蹤。接著,May又頻頻聽到小孩尋找母親的哭叫聲,更恐怖的,是家中無論子路的玩具還是衣衫都先後離奇失蹤。 在員警的幫助下,Ray和May知曉導演這一切的,是躲藏在他們背後的神秘“怪物”(林嘉欣 飾)。而在與“怪物”爭奪兒子的過程中,Ray和May漸漸瞭解到,神秘“怪物”在醜陋可怖的外表下掩藏著一個不為人知的辛酸故事。


3. Dog Bite Dog (2006), duration: 109 mins

Date: 29 Oct 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Venue: D3-LP-07

Language: (film) Cantonese with English subtitles.; (post-screening discussion) Bilingual – Chinese & English

3. 《狗咬狗(2006),片長 109分鐘




語言:(電影)粵語,附英語字幕; (映後討論)中英雙語


Synopsis (Trailer)
Cambodian criminal Pang seems less than human from the moment he appears, stowed in a cage-like structure on a smuggler’s boat. The childhood product of a cruel, backwoods death-match boxing compound, he’s a young man for whom raw animal instincts take the place of any moral reasoning. Pang arrives in Hong Kong with no grasp of the local Cantonese language, an empty stomach and a scrap of paper clueing him in to the grisly assignment before him. Meanwhile, a bitter young cop, Wai, is perpetually butting heads and breaking rules in his department. Alerted to Pang’s crime, Wai leaps into action, and is soon confronted face to face with the hit man’s ruthlessness. The two begin a violent descent into depravity and vengeance, and the lines between cop and crook, predator and prey, human and vicious beast are soon blurred. But when Pang takes a simpleminded, sexually abused refugee under his wing, the stakes are raised even more dramatically and circumstances hurtle toward a shocking climax of tragedy and redemption.

電影提要 (預告片)



4. Accident (2009), duration: 87 mins  [Post-screening discussion with Director Cheang]

Date: 5 Nov 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Venue: D3-LP-07

Language: (film) Cantonese with English subtitles.; (post-screening discussion) Cantonese and Mandarin


4. 《意外(2009),片長 87分鐘 【屆時導演會出席影後座談會】




語言:(電影)粵語,附英語字幕; (映後討論)粵語及普通話


Synopsis (Trailer)
In the opening scene, a man is killed in what appears to be an accident. However, it is revealed that the man was actually murdered, with the supposed accident actually orchestrated by a group of killers led by the Brain (Louis Koo). The group specialises in killing their victims using elaborate schemes that mask the murders as if they were accidents. Uncle (Stanley Fung), one of the team members, accidentally leaves a cigarette butt at the crime scene, and it is found by the Brain. After an argument, Uncle vows to quit smoking afterwards.

The team then gets a job from a son that wants to kill his own father, likely for insurance money. They plan an accident to kill their target via electrocution, but the plan requires for it be to raining at a specific time. The team tries to execute their plan many times but fail due to the rain falling later than necessary. During one run, Uncle smokes a cigarette and begins to show signs of Alzheimer’s disease, forgetting that he made a vow to stop smoking. However, the rain falls on time, and the team decides to go forth with their plan. Uncle forgets to play his part in the murder, but the murder is successfully executed nonetheless…

電影提要 (預告片)

某人在開車經過街區時被突然從天而降的碎玻璃砸中,當場斃命。員警及時趕到,將此案定為意外。而實際上,意外乃是犯罪團夥聯手製造的假像。團夥的首領大腦(古天樂 飾),跟女人(葉璿 飾)、胖子(林雪 飾)以及嗑藥老頭(馮淬帆 飾),經常聯手搞意外殺人。他們採取的手段多為利用電擊、雷劈、車禍、懸掛物墜落等方式。在作案中,大腦負責全盤統領,女人協助做誘餌,胖子和嗑藥老頭做障眼法。在前面的案件中,由於嗑藥老頭導致的失誤,險些令行動失敗,所以大腦大發雷霆,生怕稍有閃失即遭覆滅。後來,在妻子(莫小奇 飾)的溫柔鄉中,大腦緊張的神經才得以恢復平靜。然而,後一單的雨夜殺人計畫依舊遇到了前所未有的難題,一個神秘人物陳芳洲(任賢齊 飾)的出現,改變了這個集團的命運。


Full Schedule of Film Salon: Cheang Pou-Soi’s Horror Series (Updated)

  • 15/10 (Tue) New Blood (2002)  (Originally scheduled on 8/10, now rescheduled to 15/10)
  • 22/10 (Tue) Home Sweet Home  (2005) (Originally scheduled on 15/10, now rescheduled to 22/10)
  • 29/10 (Tue) Dog Bite Dog  (2006)
  • 05/11  (Tue)  Accident (2009) [Post-screening discussion with Director Cheang]


  • 15/10 (二) 熱血青年(2002) (原定於8/10播放,現順延至15/10放映)
  • 22/10 (二) 怪物 (2005) (原定於15/10播放,現順延至22/10放映)
  • 29/10 (二) 狗咬狗 (2006)
  • 05/11  (二) 《意外》 (2009) [導演將出席影後座談會]


Introduction of Director:

While Cheang Pou-Soi is well known for directing the recent The Monkey King (2014-2018) series which met with great box office success on the mainland market, most audiences are unaware that he was once a well-known director of horror films in Hong Kong. In 2002, he was nominated for best new director at the Hong Kong Film Awards with New Blood, sealing his reputation as a director of horror films. With Home Sweet Home (2005), he showed his reluctance to remain limited to the horror genre. When the ghosts turn into marginalized aliens, the audience’s fear moves from the subject of horror to the complaint against capitalism. In Dog Bite Dog (2006), Cheang presented his understanding of the primitive human emotions through his unique film style, displaying a brilliant violent aesthetics. As a director who always attempts to break through, Cheang again abandoned his branding style in Accident (2009) and turned to the psychological depiction of depression, to highlight the uneasiness caused by distrust and suspicion in human nature. What is Cheang’s definition of fear and horror and how does he present it? You are invited to attend the film screenings of “Cheang Pou-Soi’s horror series” in October. The screening of Accident on October 29th will be followed by a post-screening discussion with director Cheang.




Except Accident, no registration required and we look forward to seeing you at the salon soon.  All sessions are intended for purposes of giving or receiving instruction through film analysis and commentary among students and teachers.



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1. Fruit Chan’s Hong Kong

2. Women’s Revenge Series

3. Social Struggles in Hong Kong and Taiwan

4. Stories of Faimly, Stories of Self

5. Film Salon: Kim Ki-duk

6. Love in Troubled Times

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Film Salon: Love in Troubled Times | 電影沙龍:亂世戀曲
The Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities (CPCH) is looking for fellow movie lovers at EdUHK, who enjoy viewing and analyzing films, and would like to help this platform grow. The upcoming Film Salon: Love in Troubeld Times will begin on 01/04 (Monday) with Farewell my concibune.
這是由學生所策劃的電影沙龍,現邀請教大電影愛好者逢星期一與我們一起欣賞和分析電影。本次電影沙龍:亂世戀曲將首先於 4 月 1 日(星期一)放映《霸王別姬》
(Cantonese Event) Book Talk: Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture by Dr. Dorothy Lau (HKBU)

Book Talk: Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture by Dr. Dorothy Lau (HKBU)

Date: 28-03-2019

Time: 10:30-12:00

Venue: B2-LP-20, Tai Po Campus


The advent of web technology and participatory culture drastically change how celebrities are represented, interpreted, and consumed. Ordinary audiences easily search, poach, edit, post and share filmic and publicity materials about famed figures, realizing a new mode of celebrity-fan dynamics. This presentation investigates the celebrity image of Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi, on YouTube, of which users negotiate her debatable persona, as situated in the politics of cultural nationalism, by sharing and commenting on Zhang’s notoriety on the Web. Zhang’s international fame began with her performance in the martial arts epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). As she grew internationally notable, her English-speaking flair becomes a point of tabloid and fan attention. Moreover, her public personality is dogged by a series of quasi-sex scandals that chiefly draws negative domestic responses. The viewers’ sentiments garner a force in cyberspace, expressing a kind of collective resentment of the icon’s nationalistic status. Taken together, the YouTube videos entail complexity of the celebrity presence in ethnic, national and linguistic terms in the global visual circuit that can illuminate the possibilities of celebrity-making scene in the latest times.


網絡科技及參與式文化的來臨大大地改變了名人如何被再現,詮釋及消費。普通觀眾可以輕易地搜尋、挪用、編輯、張貼及分享名人的電影及宣傳材料,體現了名人與粉絲間新的互動。這堂課探討中國女演員章子怡在YouTube的名人形象,用家如何透過意見書寫及分享視頻,把她放置在文化國族主義中,談判其具爭議的人物性格。 2000  年章子怡以武術電影《卧虎藏龍》在國際上嶄露頭角,隨著她的國際聲譽日漸增加,傳媒和公眾對她的英語能力愈加留意。此外,她也不時被醜聞纏身,在國內惹來負面反應。觀眾的情緒在網絡世界形成一股力量,對章子怡的國族地位表達了一種集體的怨恨。這種種現象意味著,名人在全球視覺路徑上於族裔、國族及語言方面複雜性,也闡明了新時代裡名人建構的可能性。



Dorothy Wai Sim Lau is an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests include stardom, fandom, Asian cinema, transnational cinema, and digital culture. Her publications appear in journals such as positions: asia critique, Continuum, Journal of Chinese Cinemas, Journal of Asian Cinema, and a number of edited volumes. She is also the author of Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture (2018). She is currently writing her next monograph, Reorienting Chinese Stars in Global Polyphonic Network: Voice, Ethnicity, Power (working title) (Palgrave Macmillan, under contract).

劉慧嬋博士,香港浸會大學電影學院助理教授。研究範圍包括明星研究、粉絲文化、亞洲電影、跨國電影及數碼文化。其著作出現於多本學術期刊及編輯作品中。她的第一本英文專書為Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture (2018)。她現正書寫第二部著作Reorienting Chinese Stars in Global Polyphonic Network: Voice, Ethnicity, Power (暫名) (Palgrave Macmillan)。