Study or Entertainment? Why Not Both: Studying Japanese Animation as Cultural Text

讀. 毒. 樂:日本動漫文化的文本研究

Date: 24 Sep 2015 (Thu)

Time: 16:30-18:30

Venue: D1-LP-06


Consumption of popular culture is often associated with corporal desire, it is therefore seldom an object of serious consideration. The speaker of this talk would break the common misunderstanding and general perception of Japanese anime as intoxicating, to discuss its meaning as cultural texts in relation to national history and social changes. He will also raise issues in concern with anime consumers.



Speaker: Karma Kong

BA in Cultural and Heritage Management, City University of Hong Kong

Former Research Assistant, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

講者: 江凱斌




Popular Culture and Society Series - 

In collaboration the The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies

流行文化及社會系列 - 






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