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Commencing Jan 2018

ECS: Watching Mainland Chinese Television Dramas in Hong Kong: Youth, Identities and Transcultural Consumption (Jan 2018, PI: Dr ZHOU Lulu) $300,562

GRF: Disappearing Voices: An Oral History of Leftist Film Workers during Cold War Hong Kong (Jan 2018, PI: Dr HUI Kwok Wai) $597,936



Cinema and Television

“DongFang Bubai’s Queer Fandom in Contemporary Chinese Cyberspaces”

(May 2015 – Feb 2020, PI: Dr. ZHOU, Lulu)


“Television Drama Consumption in Hong Kong: Audiences, Quality and the Politics of Popular Culture”

(Jun 2015 – Jun 2016, PI: Dr. ZHOU, Lulu)


“Comic Devices and Social Concerns in Michael Hui Kun Man’s Films”

(Mar 2014 – Feb 2015; PI: Prof. YU, Kwan Wai Eric, Co-I: Dr. HAU, Lai Ying)


ECS: “Revolution, Commercialism, Chineseness: The Reception and Appropriation of Socialist Opera Film in Capitalist-Colonial Hong Kong, 1954-1966”

(Jan 2014-Dec 2016, PI: Dr. HUI, Kwok Wai)




Cultural Studies and Humanities

‘Rap Discourse’: Hip Hop Youth and Seasoned Rap Artists in Hong Kong (Jun 2016 – Jun 2017, PI: Dr PARK Jae Hyung) $66,000


ECS: Building a Modern City: First-generation Chinese Architects in Colonial Hong Kong, 1920s – 1950s (Jan 2016, PI: Dr LAU Leung Kwok Prudence) $592,034


ECS: “Introducing White-Collar Women to Hong Kong: A Case Study of Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce’s Secretarial Training”

(2016, PI: Dr. KANG, Jong Hyuk David)


“The influence of MERS on Korean Popular Culture in Hong Kong.”

(July 2015 – Jan 2016, PI: Dr. KANG, Jong Hyuk David)


“Initiatives in Digital Humanities”

(May 2015 – Apr 2016, PI: Dr. CHIN, Chi On; Co-I: Dr. WANG, Lixun)


“Transfer and Promotion of Historical and Cultural Knowledge”

(PI: Dr. KANG, Jong Hyuk David)


Language and Literature:

ECS: “Whitman on the Grid: Surveillance, Democracy and the Autobiographical Moment in Contemporary American Literature”

(2016, PI: Dr CLAPP, Jeffrey Michael)

GRF: “Traces of the Real”: The Absent Presence of Photography in Postcolonial and Diasporic Literature

(Jan 2016, PI: Dr. BANERJEE, Bidisha)


GRF: Engaging Everyday Modernity: Hong Kong Poetry in the 1970s (日常生活的現代性:一九七零年代香港新詩)

(Jan 2016, PI: Prof. YU, Kwan Wai Eric)


GRF: The Identity Construction Experiences of Novice English Language Teachers in Hong Kong (Jan 2016, PI: Dr TRENT John Gilbert) $221,472


ECS: Houses of Friction: Late Modernism, the English Novel, and the Problem of Literary Hospitality

(Jan 2016, PI: Dr. RIDGE, Emily)


GRF: “Leung Ping-kwan’s Literary Works and Hong Kong Modernism”

(Jan 2015 – Dec 2016, PI: Dr. AU, Chung To)


Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau Academic Research Grants: “Macau Modernist Poetry” (澳門現代主義詩潮論)

(Mar 2014 – Dec 2016, PI: Dr. AU, Chung To)