Project Nodes


This project aims to expand on existing scholarship by bringing together researchers from across genres, languages, and geographical spaces in a series of local nodes. Recognising pockets of expertise already developing in different parts of the world, the network aims to decentre Europe and North America and forge connections with regional scholarship elsewhere.


  1. Translation – led by Dr Peter Cherry (Bilkent University, Turkey)
  2. Education – led by Dr Amy Burge (University of Birmingham, UK)
  3. Literature and Decoloniality – led by Dr Aroosa Kanwal (International Islamic University, Pakistan)
  4. Text and Image – led by Dr Esra Santesso (University of Georgia, USA)
  5. Mobilities – led by Dr Lucinda Newns (Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)


The network will then host an international conference that will bring researchers from local nodes and elsewhere together around the following key topics:


  1. Publishing and production (including translation)
  2. Mobilities
  3. Digital forms



Project Partners




National Literary Trust

Wasafiri Magazine


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