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Thanatic Ethics: The Circulation of Bodies in Migratory Spaces – Workshop 1

Screening of Ordinary Heroes and Post-screening discussion with Mr. Leung Kwok Hung (Long Hair)

Re-thinking Chinese-Language Film History

GRF/RAE Workshop by Professor Chris Berry

Public Lecture: “Taiwanese-Language Films (Taiyupian): An Alternative Cinema of Poverty?” by Professor Chris Berry

Seminar: Women taking revenge in Chinese-language film

Conversation with Serrini: “Kong Girl, Everyday Life and Creative Processes”

Seminar: How to Reimagine Bollywood by Prof. Ashish Rajadhyaksha

The Third International Conference on Popular Culture and Education

Mad World

After Poetry, What Now?

Surveillance, Form, Affect: A Multidisciplinary, International Conference

Screening & Discussion: Ten Years

Postcolonial Studies Salon

Film Screening: exodus of nowhere, episode 2: gamble (selected excerpt)

Guest Seminar: “The Interim is Mine”: Ambition and Opportunity in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet (2006)

Behind Concrete Walls: Images of Migrant Women, Anxiety, Hope and Empowerment

Visiting Scholar Programme 2016: Dr. Esther Peeren

香港流行文化的變與不變 — 由毛記電視分獎典禮說起 (Changes & Constants of Hong Kong Popular Culture and the TV Most Award Show)

插畫、城市、個體與網絡文化 Illustration, City Culture and Individuals in an Age of Information

爵爵&貓叔插畫工作坊 Illustration Workshop with Jie Jie &Uncle Cat

預/寓言?想像《十年》後的香港 Prophecy/Parable? Imagining Hong Kong in “Ten Years”

Sit Down Comedy: Why Gender Values are a Joke?


Symposium on East Asian Popular Culture

Culture Salon: Gender and Pop Culture

Dressing between East and West: Inter-textaulity of Fashion and Literature


International Conference – The History of Hong Kong

Copyright Law Reform and Pop Culture in Hong Kong

Visiting Professor – Michael Szalay


Mobile Women in Recent Hong Kong Cinema

My Journey as a Journalist

Culture Salon: K-Pop in Hong Kong


Philosophy of Resistance: a Cultural Genealogy of Hong Kong “Hero” Films

Study or Entertainment? Why Not Both: Studying Japanese Animation as Cultural Text

Screening: Rock Me to the Moon