One City One Book Hong Kong 2020 – My City by Xi Xi (西西)


The book chosen for the second year of One City One Book Hong Kong  is My City, a famous Hong Kong literature written by Xi Xi.

Xi Xi is Hong Kong’s foremost woman writer, and My City: a hongkong story is one of her best novels. Written in the 1970s, My City presents life in this vibrant city through the eyes of its young protagonists. It was a time of tremendous growth for the territory not only in economic terms, but more significantly in term of local self-confidence and the forging of a Hong Kong identity. It was also a time in which political and social problems which plague Hong Kong to this day came to the fore – the influx of Chinese and Vietnamese refugees, and the shadow of China. My City is also notable for the author’s experimentation with the Chinese language. She creates a deceptively child-like narrative – rare in Chinese fiction – which allows her to weave a variety of linguistic registers into a fresh tapestry rich i local colour. Seldom has a writer captured the spirit of a generation with such apparent simplicity and ease.


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