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Popular culture is a cross-disciplinary area that offers considerable potential for research that bridges language and linguistics, literature, culture and new media within the Faculty of Humanities.

The Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities (CPCH) adopts a broad view of popular culture that covers both the culture of everyday life and its mediation through print (newspapers, magazines, literature), multimodal media (music, cinema,photography and advertising, visual and material culture), and new digital media of various kinds. From the perspective of text analysis, research on popular culture goes beyond established canons of traditional European literary works, to explore a wider range of non-traditional media and texts.

From the vantage point of Hong Kong, the CPCH explores issues of popular culture in the Humanities from an Asian perspective. The study of everyday popular culture, for example, is studied in the context of the urban spaces of the modern and postmodern Asian cities, while mediated popular culture is studied in the context of the creative and media industries of East Asia.

Located in The Education University of Hong Kong, the CPCH also focuses on educational applications of developments in popular culture. This includes a continued interest in the uses of popular culture in language curricula in Hong Kong schools, in Humanities disciplines and General Education at the university-level, and in informal out-of-school learning of multilingual and multicultural settings.



流行文化與人文學研究中心以一個廣泛的視野探討流行文化,包納日常生活的文化和透過不同媒介所展現的流行文化,對印刷媒體如報章、 雜誌和文學,多媒體如音樂、 影視、攝影、廣告、視覺文化、物質文化和數碼文化皆會有所涉獵。 與文字有關的研究則不會受限於歐美傳統經典,而探究有創新形式和內容的創作。

本中心立足香港並重視亞洲的流行文化。 我們在現代亞洲城市空間的背景下研究日常生活的文化,並在東亞日豐富的創意和媒體工業背景下研究介導流行文化。

作為香港教育大學一員,本中心亦重視將流行文化應用於教育,包括中小學的語文教育、 大學的人文學和通識學科以及校外多元學習。