Film Screening: exodus of nowhere, episode 2: gamble (selected excerpt)

Screening & Discussion: exodus of nowhere, episode 2: gamble

Co-created by Lee Wai Yi, Enoch Ng, and Kelvin Wu, 2014. A v-artivist film.

Date: 21 Nov 2016 (Mon)

Time: 19:30-21:30

Venue: C-LP-02

Language: (Screening) Cantonese, English and Putonghua, with Chinese and English subtitles; (Discussion) Cantonese, with simultaneous interpretation in English


exodus of no where is a film series concerning the relationships between the grassroots and the borders. The three filmmakers attempt to understand in what way does the narrative network constituted by migration, border-crossing, wealth disparity, colonization, gender politics, capitalistic globalization and ethnic politics creates countless tragedies of the grassroots, through looking into small family histories and grand narration of human migration.



v-artivist, a Hong Kong community based art group, believes that ‘art is the creative expression of the relationship between individual and collective’, and is thus devoted to “give art back to the people and let people return to art”. most of v-artivist film-length “productions”, which concerns the livelihood of the grassroots, are continuous participatory documentaries that involves co-creation with people who are “being filmed”, including people in deep distress (2013), raging land film series (2010-), walk on! shung ning road (2011), and home where the yellow banners fly (2006). the essay-film trilogy exodus of nowhere is their response to the growing ethnic tension in contemporary Hong Kong. other than filmmaking, v-artivist is also actively engaged in media literary movement to empower the grassroots’ continuous and autonomous engagement with art.







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