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日期: 23-2-2016

時間: 16:00-17:30

地點: D1-LP-06


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獨立電影《十年》被譽為香港的「超現實警世預言書」,亦有人主張其中的某些故事其實不是預言,而是對現時、現實的回應。電影中五部短片以迴異的電影語言和視覺風格大膽回應政治和衝突,言簡意駭,引起各式詮釋。流行文化與人文學研究中心有幸邀請到其中幾位導演和編劇與專研香港電影文化的香港大學比較文學系講師羅玉華博士對談,深入分享創作緣由和心得。如你對《十年》、電影、故事書寫、藝術、本土文化有興趣, 此座談會都會是難得的經驗。









Date: 23-2-2016

Time: 16:00-17:30

Venue: D1-LP-06

The independent film Ten Years” has been praised by some as a surrealist prophetic admonition” to Hong Kong, and many have seen it as a response to the citys current conflicts and unique postcolonial identity. Using a range of cinematic techniques and visual styles, the five short sequences boldly address the political conflicts leaving much room for multiple interpretations. The Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities is pleased to present some of the film’s directors and screenwriters in conversation with Dr. Fiona Law, a scholar specialising in Hong Kong film culture.

The seminar would be conducted in Cantonese, with simultaneous interpretation in English


Guest list:

KWOK Zune, Director of “Extras”

WONG Fei-Pang, Director and Screenwriter of “Season of the End”

NG Ka-Leung, Director and Screenwriter of “Local Egg”

Fiona Law, Lecturer of the Department of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong,



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